The Airports Operational Safety Division participates or coordinates risk prevention working groups in various fields such as Track Safety, Bird Strike, Land Assistance, Infrastructure and Airport Operations, FOD (Foreign object debris).

    Internally, these working groups are organised around the GTSOA (Operational Safety Working Group in the Airport field) which provides a permanent forum for the analysis and discussion of matters related to safe operation at aerodromes, in order to establish a preventive approach to airport security.

National Aviation and Wildlife Forum

National Forum of Security in Track

Global Reporting Format (GRF)

    The State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) has produced a triptych on the Global Reporting Format (GRF) that will enter into force on the next 12nd of AGOSTO 2021. The aim is to familiarise stakeholders with this new methodology for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions, which aims to:

    • Standardise the assessment of runway conditions
    • Use of a common language
    • Facilitate the calculation of aircraft performance
    • Global implementation

    Assessment and reporting of runway surface condition is essential to provide flight crew with the information necessary for the safe operation of aircraft.

    The “Standard Track Status Report (RCR)” is used to report the evaluated information. The philosophy of the GRF is that the aerodrome operator evaluates the condition of the surface of a runway when there is presence of water, snow, melting snow, ice or frost on a running runway.

    Based on this assessment, a “runway status key (RWYCC)” and a description of the runway surface are reported, information that the flight crew can use to calculate the performance of the aircraft.

    This format, based on the type, thickness and coverage of pollutants, is the best assessment that the aerodrome operator can make of the runway surface condition; however, all other relevant information shall be taken into account and kept up to date, and changes in the condition of the runway shall be notified without delay.

    This information shall be fed back by the pilots through the aero-notifications (AIREP) with which the aerodrome operator will re-evaluate the RWYCC.

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