Recreational, recreational and sporty use of aeromodels

Mapa de SSAA

Aeronautical Easements Map

Graphic viewer for consultation of aeronautical servitude condition



Claim procedures

Scope of Regulations (EC) 261/2004 and 1107/2006. Procedure to complain. Access to submitting/consultation/modification of a complaint.

Do you have a UAS/dron?

Minimum requirements and registration to fly any drone from 31 December 2020

European regulations on UAS/drones

New rules applicable since 31 December 2020



General framework

Marco general de actuación de AESA en términos de evaluación ambiental de aeropuertos, aeródromos, procedimientos de vuelo y cambios de espacio aéreo

Implementing legislation

Implementing regulations for environmental assessment

Carta de servicios

Letter of services

Contact details and information on the aeronautical servitude service

Processing and informative triptychs

Processes for processing aeronautical servitude files

Projects authorised

Resolutions published in the BOE and environmental monitoring of projects authorised by EASA that have undergone environmental assessment