Aeronautical Easements Map

This map includes, for information purposes, the contours (in red, aerodrome and radio servitudes; in blue, operating servitudes) of civil aviation servitudes in Spain delimiting the areas where, prior to the execution of constructions, installations or plantations, favourable prior agreement of AESA is required, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 369/2023, of 16 May, regulating aeronautical easements for the protection of air navigation. Any obstacle outside these contours does not require the prior favourable agreement of AESA unless it has a height equal to or greater than 100 m above the level of the surrounding terrain or water. 

The facilities with aeronautical servitudes that fall within the competence of the Ministry of Defence are not shown in this window.

More information is available on each of the airports/installations with servitudes established in the section of Royal Decrees of Aeronautical Servidumbres