Management and quality

The EASA Directorate assumes the utmost responsibility and commitment to the definition, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System, ensuring the continuous improvement of its processes with two priority approaches: security and satisfaction of stakeholders.

All our actions are carried out taking into account the principles of accountability, coherence, proportionality transparency and independence. These principles are fundamental as they will allow us to manage the organisation based on the decision-making of objective evidence, and the implementation of appropriate actions aimed at addressing the risks and opportunities identified, which will increase the effectiveness of the management system.

They also highlight the importance of maintaining clear and concise communication with all stakeholders in the organisation, both internal and external, and with society in general.

This management and quality policy should serve to set the reference framework to set the organisation’s objectives that will be geared towards continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its management, quality and productivity, and focused on meeting the needs and expectations of EASA stakeholders in terms of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness and ensuring the improvement of aviation safety in all areas of civil aviation.

This Policy involves all EASA staff who must know and assume it, considering it to be their own, each member of EASA responsible for applying it and verifying the rules applicable to its activity, as well as identifying and providing opportunities for improvement for the Management System that it deems appropriate.

This Policy will be reviewed by EASA Directorate as many times as deemed necessary to keep it up to date with the tasks entrusted to the Agency.