Letter of services

    In relation to the deadlines that this Agency has for the issuance and notification of the prior agreement on the implementation of actions in the areas of aeronautical servitude and high-rise obstacles, according to Article 33.6 of Royal Decree 369/2023, of 16 May, regulating aeronautical servitudes for the protection of air navigation, the maximum period shall be six months, after which it shall be deemed to be issued in an unfavourable sense. 

    However, AESA undertakes to resolve the files within a shorter period than indicated above, as set out in the Charter of Authorisation Services of Aeronautical Servers, approved by the Resolution of January 31, 2017, of the Undersecretariat (BOE No. 48 of 25 February 2017):

    Aeronautical Server Authorisation Services Charter


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