Letter of services

    In relation to the deadlines that this Agency has for issuing the prior agreement:

    • For actions in aeronautical servitude zones, according to Art. of Decree 584/1972, the deadline for issuing the agreements will be six months from the entry into the EASA register of the application. After which it shall be deemed to be issued in an unfavourable sense.
    • For actions not affected by aeronautical servitude, but which constitute an obstacle to air navigation, the Agency has the obligation to resolve within a maximum period of three months, in accordance with Article 21 of Law 39/2015 of 1 October 2015 on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, with the Administrative Silence in this case having a negative effect.

    However, AESA undertakes to resolve the files within a shorter period than indicated above, as stated in the Charter of Authorisations of Aeronautical Servidumbres, approved by the Resolution of 31 January 2017 of the Undersecretariat (BOE No. 48 of 25 February 2017):

    Aeronautical Servidumbres Authorisations Services Charter


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