PART FCL Flight Licenses

    In this section you can consult the information related to obtaining, maintaining and updating the PART FCL license, as well as other procedures associated with it.

Application forms for licences, ratings, certificates and language proficiency

PART FCL license format with electronic signature

Transfer of FCL license between member states EASA

    To request the transfer of the licence (change of aeronautical authority) to AESA or proceed to the transfer of the licence to another EASA Aeronautical Authority, the following duly completed and signed application formats will be sent, together with the documentation indicated therein for the type of procedure to be requested:

    Request for Transfer of FCL license between EASA Member States

    Request for Transfer of Medical Records (SOLI)

    The documentation will be sent through some of the options contemplated for this purpose. You can consult them here

    In case of doubt about the documentation to be provided in each case, please contact us

Procedure for obtaining ATPL license

    The ATPL licensing procedure requires compliance and accreditation of a number of requirements before performing the ATPL skill test

    • By the applicant in the relevant aircraft category:
      • Meet and accredit prerequisites described in FCL.510 A(a) or FCL.510. H (a) of Regulation EU 1178/2011 [..]
      • Be holder of the certificate of theoretical subjects ATPL issued by AESA in force link to procedure.
        In the case of holder of theoretical subjects passed under the responsibility of another EASA Member State, he must be in possession of the accrediting certificate issued by the corresponding Aeronautical Authority.
      • Hold the certificate of accreditation of prior experience requirements described in FCL. 510 A (b) or FCL.510. H (b) of Regulation EU 1178/2011. To request it to AESA, it will proceed to send the corresponding application instance together with the documentation indicated therein:

        Application for ATPL(A) Pre-requirement and Experience Accreditation Certificate
        Application for ATPL(H)Pre-Requirements Accreditation Certificate and Experience
    • By the examining party:
      For the purpose of conducting the ATPL expert test, the examining party must be expressly and previously authorised by AESA. For this purpose, the examining party must submit to AESA, with sufficient time and prior to the completion of the ATPL expertise test, its application and documentation:

      For AESA-certified examiners and examiners Application for ATPL Examiner designation
      For examiners and examiners certified by another EASA Aeronautical Authority Application form for ATPL(A) or ATPL(H) designation

    In all cases, both for applicants and for Spanish examiners and examiners authorised by other EASA Member States, the documentation will be sent through some of the options contemplated for it and never through email. You can consult the options to submit the documentation here

    After assessing the suitability of the examining party, if applicable, the express designation of the examiner or Letter of Authorisation to conduct the ATPL skill test shall be issued.

Information Note and Historical Report and License Verification

    • You can obtain the information note of the contents of the license (only content in force) through our AESA Electronic Headquarters link to process
    • You can obtain the historical report (which includes non-current content) through our AESA Electronic Headquarters link to process

    The documentation will be sent through some of the options contemplated for this purpose. You can check the options here

Third country licence verification ICAO/verification letter

    The aeronautical authorities may request the verification of licences issued by AESA by making their request through the email address

Acceptance of type or class ratings entered in ICAO Third Country license

ICAO Third Country Licensing Holders


    To carry out the process of settlement of the fees consult the procedure published on our website Rates | AESA

How to submit documentation

    In accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of Law 39/2015 of 1 October 2015 on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, you have the following options to send us your request and documentation:

    • Through our Electronic Headquarters of AESA link to process
    • An electronic register of the General Administration of the State, the Administrations of Autonomous Communities or the entities that make up the Local Administration.
    • In the Post Offices
    • In the diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain abroad.
    • At the Registry Assistance Offices.
    • Through postal service or in person at the offices of AESA in Madrid State Aviation Safety

      Division of Licensing to Aeronautical Personnel
      Paseo de la Castellana 112
      28046.Madrid. Spain

    In case of Spanish companies and entities or based in Spain only through General Request | Sede AESA

    In case of representation in the formalities consult the following document Representation in the field of eGovernment 

    Remember: documentation sent via e-mail is not processed


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