Authorisation Commercial Operations High Risk

    Specialised high-risk business operations

    Specialised high-risk commercial operations are defined as the specialised commercial operations of an aircraft carried out over an area where the safety of third parties on the ground may be endangered in the event of an emergency or, if so determined by the competent authority of the place where the operation is carried out, any specialised commercial operation of an aircraft which, due to its specific nature and the local environment in which it is carried out, poses a high risk, in particular for third parties on the ground.

    The requirement ARO.OPS.150 requires the competent authority of each State to make public the specialised commercial operations considered to be high risk. In the case of Spain, the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA) has established by Resolution of 16 February 2016 (BOE No54 of 3 March 2016) the list of commercial operations that are considered to be of high risk, namely:

    • Skydiving and free fall operations.
    • Flights involving extreme acrobatic manoeuvres carried out in order to allow people on board to experience zero gravity, high G forces or similar sensations.
    • External passenger transport operations.

    In the case of these operations, in addition to the declaration provided for in ORO.SPO.100, the operator must apply for an authorisation in accordance with the provisions of ORO.SPO.110. To do so, you must submit an application for each of the operations for which the authorisation is requested, — be it a single event, a set of defined flights or for an unlimited duration — together with the documentation relating to the risk assessment and the standard operating procedures (SOP) linked to the intended operation.

    In the case of transactions in another European State, the operator must confirm whether the transaction to be carried out is considered to be high risk in that State. If yes, and in compliance with the provisions of ARO.OPS.105, you must apply to the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency for authorisation to carry out specialised high-risk commercial operations, even if this operation is not classified as high risk in Spain.


    Application for issuance/modification of authorisation of specialised high-risk commercial operations

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