Verification of aerodromes according to Royal Decree 862/2009

    Once the airport infrastructure has been built, and prior to obtaining the authorisation to open to traffic, public-use aerodrome managers must have an aerodrome certificate or a favourable verification resolution.

    Aerodromes for public use, which provide services to commercial air traffic and fall outside the scope of the European legislation, as they do not comply with the certification requirements laid down in Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 and Regulation (EU) 139/2014, or have an exemption from their compliance, must obtain a Favourable Verification Resolution in accordance with the Regulations on the Certification and Verification of Airports and Other Aerodromes for Public Use or RD 862/2009.

    In order to obtain the Verification Resolution, the aerodrome manager shall undergo a monitoring process in which AESA shall carry out the necessary checks to verify compliance with the established standards for infrastructure, equipment and services, in accordance with the technical standards for the design and operation of aerodromes for public use, as well as verify the ability of the operator to manage air transport operations.

    The Verification Resolution granted to a new construction infrastructure will not be valid for more than 36 months, after which a renewal will be carried out, this time, for an indefinite period.

    The Aerodrome Verification Procedure details the process to be followed, as well as the administrative and technical documentation to be submitted by the aerodrome manager together with the verification request.

    The aerodrome manager shall take into account the contents of the guides, technical instructions and tools, which AESA has developed in order to establish the minimum contents of such documents and facilitate their development, for the preparation of the documentation required in the process, as set out in more detail below.



    For queries concerning verified aerodromes for public use, please contact the AESA Verified mailbox

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