General framework

    What is a verified airport/helipad?

    Airports/helipads verified are those civil infrastructures, for public use, the operator of which has obtained a favourable verification resolution in accordance with Royal Decree 862/2009 of 14 May 2009 approving the technical standards for the design and operation of aerodromes for public use and the Regulation on the certification and verification of airports and other aerodromes for public use.

    Which airports/helipads should be verified?

    Airports/helipads for public use* that do not comply with or have an exemption from the certification requirements set out in Regulation (EU) 2018/1139.

    *Are aerodromes for public use, civil aerodromes where commercial transport of passengers, goods and mail, including aerotaxis, can be carried out.


    For queries concerning verified aerodromes for public use, please contact the AESA Verified mailbox

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