Processing of changes

    Aerodrome managers should ensure continuity of the safety conditions under which they were granted the verification resolution, which is why, in the event of changes to the infrastructure, services, processes or management of the aerodrome, managers should have in place tools to enable them to control the impact of such changes on the safety of operations and to process them with the Authority.

    Thus, verified aerodrome managers must have defined, in their operating manuals, the procedural way of dealing with changes affecting their infrastructure or operating conditions, i.e. to have a change management procedure.

    AESA has prepared a Technical Instruction on “MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE Verified/Certified Airports (RD 862/2009) (A-DAU-GCRV-01 1.0)” to establish the conditions and particularities of the management and processing of the changes that those managers to whom the verification requirement applies to them must follow.

    To this end, any planned action in the organisation, infrastructure or equipment, including the introduction of new procedures and amendments to existing procedures or entry into force of new regulations, is considered to be a change:

    • affects (above a minimum level) the operational safety of the aerodrome; and
    • its treatment is not a priori established on the day-to-day operation of the aerodrome manager.

    The overall process for managing and processing changes is summarised in the following outline:

    Processing of changes


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