New infrastructures

    In order to authorise the construction and operation of a new airport infrastructure, a series of administrative procedures must be carried out in several stages, starting, with the request of the developer of the new infrastructure, to the General State Administration or the Autonomous Community concerned.

    The first stage, of establishment, includes procedures related to airspace compatibility, environmental and technical studies, with the relevant authorities.

    The next stage corresponds to the construction of the infrastructure.

    The process ends with the authorisation to open traffic. In order to obtain such authorisation, the aerodrome manager must have previously obtained the verification decision for the aerodrome.

    Depending on the type of infrastructure and the area of competence of the region in which the aerodrome is located, the general scheme presented above has the following specific features:

    • The competences of aerodromes that have been designated as being of general interest (as established in Royal Decree 2858/1981) arevested in the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.
    • The powers of those aerodromes for public use which are not considered to be of general interest are vested in the Autonomous Community where the infrastructure is located.

    In the event that the Autonomous Community has not assumed competence in airport matters, it will, as in the previous case, fall under the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

    To see the complete scheme for those aerodromes competence of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, click here

    For those aerodromes competence of the Autonomous Community, you can consult the outline of the process by clicking here

    In the case of an infrastructure that is currently operating as an aerodrome for restricted use for authorisation as a public aerodrome, it must follow the procedures described above in order to obtain the authorisation to open to traffic, and if necessary carry out the necessary environmental procedures, as well as the completion of the adaptation works necessary for its plan to adapt to the technical design and operating standards.


    For queries concerning verified aerodromes for public use, please contact the AESA Verified mailbox

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