Information on formalities and requirements related to commercial air transport (CAT) by helicopter can be found at the following link: Commercial air transport

    Helicopter operators carrying out aerial work operations, including firefighting and search and rescue (Special Operator Certificate, according to RD 750/2014), specialised operations (Part-SPO, Annex VIII according to Regulation 965/2012) or aerial work carried out with historical helicopters, including if special approvals are required (Part SPA, Annex V to Regulation 965/2012), may find all the information relating to their operation at the following link: Airwork operations

    Operators carrying out non-commercial operations with complex helicopters will find all the information relating to this type of operation at the following link: Non-commercial operations with complex NCC aircraft

    In general, information on special approvals in Annex V (Part-SPA) to Regulation 965/2012, both for operators that have or are in the process of obtaining an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) issued in accordance with Regulation 965/2012, as well as aircraft operators engaged in non-commercial operation (Annex VI and VII to Regulation 965/2012, parts NCC/NCO) and specialised commercial operation (Annex VIII to Regulation 965/2012, Part SPO) can be found at the following link: Special approvals

    You can consult the provisions relating to flight time limitations, duty maximums and minimum rest periods for crews carrying out different helicopter activities at the following link: Flight time and crew duty limitations

    The information on the process contemplating the initial approval of the minimum equipment lists, as well as their successive revisions, in accordance with ORO.MLR.105 of Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, TAE.ORO.MLR.105 of Royal Decree 750/2014 and Royal Decree 1762/2007 of 28 December can be found at the following link: Minimum Equipment Lists - MEL

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