Registration and modification of management company data (SIPA environment)

    Any company, entity or individual carrying out activities subject to notification or approval by the Aircraft Safety Directorate (DSA) or the Aeronautical Personnel Licensing Division of the Directorate for Safety Assessment and Internal Technical Audit, in the field of pilot training regulated by European regulations, of the State Aviation Safety Agency shall be registered in the Agency’s own registers and keep the information provided up-to-date.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: UAS Operators are excluded from the scope of this procedure and may be registered in:

    Access to UAS Electronic Headquarters

    These types of actions to be carried out by users are envisaged:The Alta as a user.

    • The modification of the data provided, once the user has been registered.
    • Any modification of representation per natural person before this State Aviation Safety Agency by means of (@podera—REA).
    • Any modification by the legal representatives of the company with the capacity to make decisions on behalf of the company.
    • Communication of contacts for notification purposes.
    • Lowering as a user.

    Access to Electronic Headquarters



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