Drone Operator Registration/UAS

    IMPORTANT: Information regarding the expiry date of the UAS Operator Registration Certificate

    With the entry into application of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 on 31 December 2020, all UAS* operatorsintending to engage in both recreational and professional activities (including modellers) must be registered as an operator** when using any of the following types of UAS:

    • Use in the ‘open’ category any unmanned aircraft:
      • With an MTOM of 250 g or more, or which, in the event of a collision, is capable of transferring to a human a kinetic energy greater than 80 joules;
      • equipped with a sensor capable of capturing personal data, unless it complies with Directive 2009/48/EC (“Toys Directive”).
    • Use an unmanned aircraft of any mass in the ‘specific’ category.

    In order to clarify the above points of registration requirements as an operator for low weight UAS, further information is provided in the following document: Information about drones of less than 250 g.

    A UAS operator is any natural or legal person who uses or intends to use one or more UASs for both professional and recreational purposes (including modellers).

    Registration should be carried out in the Member State of residence or where the economic activity takes place, and it is not possible to be registered in more than one State at a time.

    Registration as UAS operator in AESA is free of charge and is done through its electronic site (link to the procedure). This procedure will be automatic and immediate if digital certificate is used.

    Obtaining UAS operator code (registration as UAS operator) is also mandatory for authorised operators based on Law 18/2014 and Royal Decree 1036/2017 (except NO EASA activities).

    The generated UAS operator registration number shall be included in all drones of the operator.

    Only if you are to perform operations in the ‘specific’ declaration or LUC category, it is necessary to enter the UAS in the profile of the UAS operator. There is an explanatory video that guides the UAS operator in the section UAS/Drones Operations — Specific Category

    Remember the need to have an insurance policy covering civil liability against third parties for damages that may arise during and because of the execution of each flight that takes place, both for recreational and professional purposes. More information on insurance in the section of European drones/UASregulations

    The following guide and video detail the instructions to follow to register as a UAS operator:

    Important note: User registration “APPROBADA” does not imply registration as UAS operator. It is necessary to access the UAS application and register as a UAS operator within 30 days of user registration; otherwise the system will remove the user and must do this again.

    Contact AESA UAS Division: 
    In case of doubt or special situations related to the UAS operator registration, you can direct your inquiry to the drone mailbox (drones.aesa@seguridadaerea.es).

    *Except non-EASA activities (Fire Fight, Search and Rescue, Police, Customs, etc.)

    **or if you have been hired as a remote pilot or fly for another person, in which case the person to register is the drone operator organisation.


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