Aerial exhibitions and events with UAS/drones

    Operations with UAS carried out in the field of an air demonstration are subject to compliance with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947. That regulation shall:

    • It makes no distinction between professional and recreational users, so it is also mandatory for users of UAS who carry out sporting, recreational, competition and exhibition activities.
    • It lays down detailed provisions for the use of unmanned aircraft systems, as well as for personnel, including remote pilots, and organisations participating in such operations based on three operational categories depending on the risk of the operation: ‘open’, ‘specific’ and ‘certified’.

    ‘NO EASA’ demonstration flights are exempted from this Regulation; understood as customs, police, search and rescue, fire-fighting, border control, coastal surveillance or the like.

    In addition, Royal Decree 1919/2009 of 11 December 2009 regulating aeronautical safety in civil air demonstrations applies to any demonstration publicly announced and open to the general public or with restricted access.

    The organiser must submit a declaration responsible for compliance with the requirements laid down in Royal Decree 1919/2009 at least 15 days before the date of the demonstration. Together with the responsible declaration, the organiser must provide all necessary data regarding the use of airspace to process the publication of a NOTAM.

    Link to the procedure.

    For demonstrations by a single UAS operator authorised by AESA to operate in a specific category, NOTAM requests shall be addressed with at least 15 calendar days directly to the air traffic providers responsible for the volume of airspace concerned or to ENAIRE for cases where the air demonstration takes place in uncontrolled airspace, requesting the latest version of the relevant form:

    The provisions on public safety or restrictions on UAS flight due to the place of operation referred to in Royal Decree 1036/2017, as well as the air rules applicable to the UAS of Royal Decree 1180/2018 implementing the Air Regulation, will continue to apply to operations with UAS.



    Contact AESA UAS Division: 

    In case of doubt or special situations related to aerial exhibitions and events with UAS, you can direct your inquiry to the drone mailbox (


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