Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to reapply for authorisation even if it has been previously refused?

    Yes, as long as the grounds for refusal have been resolved, authorisation may be re-applyed.

    In addition, you should know that all documents that remain valid in the rejected application will continue to be considered and you will not need to provide it again.

Is there a mandatory format for submitting the application?

    It is mandatory to use the application format (F-DAU-AAT-01) that we make available to you (link).

    The rest of the formats you will find: responsible statement (F-DAU-AAT-01 and F-DAU-AAT-02) and memory model (F-DAU-AAT-03) are voluntary, but their use is recommended.

Why doesn't a notification appear after receiving an email notice?

    Upon receiving an email with the notice of a notification, the notification may not be seen when accessing AESA’s Notification by Appearance, or the Citizen Folder of the General Access Point.

      It is necessary first to ensure that the electronic certificate corresponds to that of the addressee of the notification.

      It is also possible that the notification has been made to several addressees at the same time. In this case, the first of these recipients to access the notification will be the one that can see it, being considered for the remainder accepted or rejected.

      In case you can't see a notification, consider looking first for notifications already made in case a member of your organisation had accessed earlier.

      If you have doubts about who is the recipient of the notification, you can contact us via

What documents are needed to obtain the application?

    The documents to be submitted vary depending on the type of application and the specific characteristics of the applicant. We recommend consulting the guide we have prepared to know in detail the necessary documents.

    Those documents already submitted in this or other applications, which have not been lost in force, do not need to be resubmitted.

    In addition, the study of the documentation provided may require documents other than those already indicated. In any case, a request from EASA would be issued indicating clearly the necessary documents.

What to do if there are technical problems when submitting the application?

    In case of problems with access to the website, when signing the documentation or attaching evidence, we suggest that you contact the AESA IT service through this email:



What does denial of withdrawal mean?

    In the event that a request needs to be remedied, due to lack of documentation or any other reason, it must be answered within 10 working days. After the deadline, no documentation has been provided, it is considered that the application has been withdrawn.

    The reason why we refuse authorisation in this case is because Law 39/2015 on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations (LPACAP) requires AESA to reply within a certain period.

    In the event of a refusal of this kind, the procedure may be re-opened without any problems. In addition, the documentation submitted in the rejected application will continue to be taken into account in the event that it has not become invalid.

Who can submit an application?

    The application may only be submitted by the interested party himself or by a duly accredited representative of the person concerned.

    A certificate of representative of a legal person, or a certificate of natural person accompanied by documentation attesting its capacity to represent the legal person, may be used for the submission of documentation through the electronic seat on behalf of a legal person.

Who can apply for self-handling authorisation?