Frequently asked questions

How to unsubscribe a user who is no longer part of the organisation and who has access to the files?

    In the event of a representative leaving an organisation or losing his/her representative’s capacity to represent, and is also associated with files of the organisation, it is necessary to notify as soon as possible of this situation via email so that we withdraw access to the files to this representative.

How to deliver documentation through the Electronic Headquarters?

    Through the telematic processor that is the application of EASA for the management by the inspected of the inspection documentation.

    Please note that you will need to provide the documentation in the appropriate file, otherwise the reply may be delayed.

How to sign the application and responsible statement?

    It must be signed in such a way as to demonstrate the authenticity, integrity and unalterability of the document.

    The telematics procedure authorised at the electronic site allows these documents to be signed at the same time as they are submitted, which is why it is essential that the person presenting the documentation at headquarters, be it the interested party himself or a valid representative of the interested party. 

    Additionally, you can verify that a digital signature is correct, or sign a document, using the Valide platform.

How can the representation be accredited?

    They can submit a digitised copy of any valid document in law (e.g. notary writings).

    We recommend the use of the Apodera tool, since it allows for seizures in a very simple way, you must take special care to correctly indicate the authorised person (interested, company that will obtain the authorisation) and the authorised representative, as well as to grant power in the appropriate procedures.

    Remember that the duration of the power does not in any way affect the duration of the authorisation.

How do I respond to a remediation request?

    If you have received a request and already have the required documentation, you must access the AESA website again, and click on the link “My Applications”, search for the corresponding application and provide the required documents.

    If you fail to follow these steps, you may mistakenly create a new application or assign the documentation to the incorrect file, which may delay the termination of the authorisation.

How to view outdated or rejected notifications?
When is it necessary to have this authorisation?

    It is necessary to have this authorisation before providing any of the services listed in the Annex to Royal Decree 1161/1999 to a user of an airport of general interest.

    It is possible to consult the airports at which the Royal Decree applies and the categories of service in the model application for authorisation.

    This authorisation is not required at airports that are not of general interest, nor to provide services to companies or individuals who are not users (any natural or legal person carrying passengers, mail or cargo by air to or from that airport).

How long does it take to get an authorisation?

    The maximum time limit for deciding (granting or refusing) an application for authorisation is 6 months from the date of entry by registration of the application. After this period without a decision by EASA on the matter, the authorisation may be considered granted.

    The deadline for replying to each request or correction of application is 10 working days from the date of entry by registration, which can be answered within this period with the decision itself (grant or refusal), or a request to rectify the application if the analysis of the documentation determines that further information is necessary.

    In the latter case, a period of 10 working days is granted to provide new documentation.

    After the expiry of that period, the person concerned may be deemed to have left the application by decision.

Where can notifications or communications be accepted or rejected?

    After receiving an e-mail with a notice of availability of a new notification at headquarters, you must access the AESA website, Notification by Appearance (, alternatively you can access the Citizen Folder (

    In both cases, access must be made with the electronic certificate of the natural or legal person to whom the notification was addressed.

Where is the application and documentation submitted?

    We recommend submitting the application through the Electronic Headquarters of AESA through the telematic procedure “AUTORISATION PRESTATION OF SERVICE ASSISTENCE IN TIERRA”, since in this way the procedure is more agile. 

    You can access from this link by clicking on “New Request” or “Online Procedure”.

    Additionally, it can be submitted through the Common Electronic Register indicating as the recipient body “State Agency for Aviation Safety”, in both cases a valid digital identification system (electronic certificate or access via Cl@ve)is necessary. However, you must consider that by this method the information arrives with a delay of one or two days.

    Natural persons wishing to apply for an authorisation for themselves may, if they so wish, submit the application in a face-to-face register of the administration.

    Under no circumstances may the application or the required documentation be submitted by e-mail.