Monitoring of Airspace Changes

    It is considered to be a change of airspace to the establishment or modification of an airspace structure. These shall be considered permanent or temporary depending on the permanent or temporary nature of the airspace structures that are established or modified.

    In Spain, airspace changes are regulated by Royal Decree 1180/2018 of 21 September 2018 implementing the Air Regulation and common operational provisions for air navigation services and procedures and through Royal Decree 310/2022 of 3 May supplementing the legal regime for the approval of airspace changes and civil flight procedures.

    The approval of airspace changes is the responsibility of CIDETMA, in accordance with Article 1 of the Order 8 November 1979 establishing, on a permanent basis, the Interministerial Commission provided for in Article 6 of Royal Decree-Law 12/1978 of 27 April 1978.

    AESA is a member of the CIDETMA plenary session and participates in different Permanent Papers, in which context it carries out technical supervision of the proposed airspace changes presented therein.

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