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Minimum requirements and registration to fly any drone from 31 December 2020

Drone Operator Registration/UAS

Instructions and link to register as a drone/UAS operator

European regulations on UAS/drones

New rules applicable since 31 December 2020

Operations with UAS/drons

Open, specific and certified flight requirements

UAS/Drones remote pilot training

UAS Remote Pilot Training Requirements


UAS/Drones Training Entities

Remote pilot training entities UAS

UAS/dron requirements

UAS maintenance, design and production requirements

Activities or services not EASA with UAS

Rules applicable to non-EASA operators: LCI, SAR, police, customs, etc.

Aerial exhibitions and events with UAS/drones

Exhibitions and civil events with UAS/drones


Recreational, recreational and sporty use of aeromodels

How to fly a UAS in Spain

UAS operations in Spain by cross-border and third-country UAS operators