Reservation and Request for Assistance

    At the time of booking your tickets you should inform of your needs as well as if you wish to receive assistance at the airport. Only if the request for assistance is made in advance it can be guaranteed when arriving at the airport in accordance with quality standards.

    The request for assistance as well as the notification of your needs should be made through the following ways:

    • Necessarily through the available booking channels of your travel agent or airline at the time of booking or purchase the ticket. Once the booking was made, it is important that you verify that your request for assistance was included.
    • In addition, and to ensure the provision of assistance and better service, it is also recommended to make the request for assistance at the airport on the airport website (for AENA airports, click here)

    Remind that to ensure that the necessary assistance is guaranteed we recommend you to notify this need to the airline, its agent or the tour operator, and in addition to the airport manager at least 48h before the departure time of the flight.

    In accordance with Regulation 1107/2006 , airlines, their agents or tour operators may, exceptionally, for reasons of reduced mobility, refuse to accept a reservation or refuse boarding to an PRM only in the following cases:

    • For security reasons established by international, Community or national legislation. For these reasons, in addition, airlines, their agents or tour operators may require the PRM, at the time of booking, to be accompanied by another person capable of providing the necessary assistance. Airlines are not required to offer the ticket free of charge to the accompanying person.
    • If the dimensions of the aircraft or its doors physically make it impossible the boarding or transportation of the person with reduced mobility.

    If the booking is not accepted, an accompanying person is required or boarding is refused for such reasons, airlines, their agents or tour operators should communicate such reasons written immediately.

    In addition, if the booking is not accepted for the foregoing reasons, airlines, their agents or tour operators shall make every reasonable effort to propose an acceptable alternative to the passenger. And if the booking was accepted but the boarding is refused for such reasons, airlines, their agents or tour operators will offer reimbursement of the ticket.

    The airline should make available to the public the safety rules applicable to PRMs and any restrictions relating to their transportation or transportation of mobility equipment due to the dimensions of the aircraft.

    Remind that the assistance provided by airlines and airports should be provided at no additional cost to the passenger.



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