Aerodrome Manual

    The following link contains the technical instructions to be considered when drawing up the airport manual, both the General Technical Instruction for the preparation of the Aerodrome Manual, which establishes the minimum contents of the Manual, and the Specific Technical Instructions that develop specific technical aspects relating to each of the procedures of the Manual.

    • Technical instructions for the preparation of the Airport Manual

    With the aim of:

    — make it easier for airport managers to draw up the Airport Manual;

    — report on EASA’s criterion on the requirements laid down in Regulation (EU) No 139/2014 and its ancillary equipment (acceptable means of compliance -AMC- and Guide Material -GM), defining the objectives that EASA has determined to be covered by each of the documents contained in the Manual; y

    — develop those requirements where it is considered appropriate to increase the level of detail of the information or to supplement it in areas not dealt with;

    AESA has issued the following reference documentation:

    General Technical Instruction for the preparation of the Airport Manual: It is a document whose purpose is to inform the minimum contents of the different sections of the Manual. With regard to the sections of the Manual that develop operational procedures for the aerodrome, this General Technical Instruction limits the scope of the procedural information to be reflected in the Airport Manual itself, to the level of the main proceedings. In this way, the content of the procedures will be concisely concise to the description of the tasks performed by the Airport in relation to the matter dealt with, and to the information which, in accordance with the established requirements, must be included in the documents in order to be able to verify compliance with them.

    Specific Technical Instructions: They are documents that develop technical and concrete aspects, relating to the development of actions, beyond the minimum content required of the first level procedures of the Manual. Given the more specific nature of the information, it is the operating instructions or lower-level procedures developed by the aerodrome operator that must comply with the requirements set out in these Specific Technical Instructions.

    Aerodrome Manual

    Analysis TRA (Task Resource Analysis)

    The following specific technical instruction contains technical reference material to facilitate the preparation of the TRA (Task and Resource Analysis) analysis to justify the adequacy of human resources for the operation of the aerodrome:

    Specific Technical Instruction for Task Analysis

    Reduced Visibility Procedures (LVP)

    Special procedures need to be developed at airports where operations are intended to be carried out under reduced visibility conditions to ensure that these operations are carried out in complete safety. The additional measures in support of these operations constitute the so-called Reduced Visibility Procedures (LVPs).

    The Reduced Visibility Procedures — Liability of the Airport Manager (LVP — RGA) will require the prior approval of AESA, and the applicable regulatory framework for the establishment of these procedures is included in the new Resolution for the approval of the Reduced Visibility Procedures (LVP) issued by AESA and available through the following link:

    Resolution of 24 July 2015 of the State Aviation Safety Agency for the regulation of operations under reduced visibility conditions, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 139/2014


    The emergency plan for an aerodrome determines the procedures to be followed to coordinate the intervention of the various entities of the aerodrome (or services) and the entities of the surrounding community that could provide assistance through their intervention.

    It is the document that defines actions and measures to prevent and control risks to persons and property, to respond adequately to possible emergencies and to ensure the integration of these actions with the public civil protection system.

    Airports that have the obligation to define an emergency plan must process with the Ministry of Interior, through AESA, the implementation of their emergency plans, both new versions and relevant updates.

    This General Technical Instruction contains technical reference material to facilitate the preparation of the aerodrome emergency plan, defining the minimum contents that it should include.

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