Frequently asked questions

I will work with a license from a third ICAO country and the Aeronautical Authority requires a verification of my FCL license. How should I proceed?

    In connection with the verification of the FCL licence, the aeronautical authority of the ICAO Third Country may request it by sending your request to the following email address



Can I exercise attributions of a rating that is expired?

    Ratings have a period of validity during which the flight privileges of the licence may be exercised provided that you additionally have in force the aeronautical medical certificate associated with your licence and the language proficiency in force at least one language recognised by the Aeronautical Authority

    Remember if the rating is expired you can't exercise flight privileges until it’s in force again on your FCL license

What is the difference between revalidating and renewing a rating?
    • Revalidation involves carrying out the procedure to maintain the vigor of the exercise of flight privileges. The revalidation procedure is always carried out before the rating expires.
    • Renewal means that the authorisation has expired and that the revalidation procedure has not been carried out in time and form. In this case, if you want to put your rating into force again, it will be renewed through an authorised training centre.