R & D & I

    The State Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) considers that making the social benefit provided by air transport compatible with environmental protection is one of the biggest current challenges for aviation both globally and locally. Their impact on climate change, the potential impact of noise on populations, polluting emissions and their possible health effects, etc., are areas requiring research, development and innovation (R & D & I) strategies for the implementation of measures to ensure the sustainable growth of the sector in the coming decades.
    In this context, since 2019 AESA has launched a Sustainability Centre of Excellence, made up of national universities and research centres, as well as other players in the sector and professionals of recognised prestige, aimed at identifying research, development and innovation needs (R & D & I) in the field of aviation and the environment in Spain, and particularly in the areas relating to:

    • Economic partner
    • Climate Change
    • Noise
    • Air quality
    • Circular economy and industry
    • Biodiversity
    • Sustainable Aviation Fuels

    The work carried out within this Centre of Excellence will be reflected in a White Paper on R & D & I for the Sustainability of Aviation in Spain.

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