Gas emissions

    Environmental challenges have become a priority for the aviation sector in recent years, both globally and locally. Minimising the adverse environmental impacts of air transport activities is one of the five strategic objectives of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), in line with the practices and policies of the United Nations system.

    The challenge of climate change, noise in the airport environment, polluting emissions and its effects on health, the protection of biodiversity, the development of new sustainable fuels, or new propulsion systems are areas requiring strategies and measures to address these challenges.

    At the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December 2015, 195 countries signed the first binding global climate agreement. To avoid climate change with dramatic consequences, the Agreement sets out a global plan of action that puts the limit on global warming below 2 °C.

    In addition, the latest ICAO General Assembly held in Montreal in September 2016 approved the establishment of a CO2 offsetting scheme forinternational aviation based on market-based measures: the so-called CORSIA.

    The same General Assembly calls on Member States to develop actions to:

    • Limit or reduce the inconvenience caused by aviation noise,
    • Limit or reduce the impact of aviation emissions on local air quality; and
    • Limit or reduce the impact of aviation greenhouse gas emissions on the global climate.

    Society demands the commitment of public administrations in this area and in turn the sector faces increasing social and regulatory pressure that would limit its growth if it is not done by progressively reducing the impact of its activity on the environment, until it achieves sustainable growth.

    Faced with these challenges, the State Aviation Safety Agency is firmly committed to contributing to the environmental objectives agreed together with the sector within the framework of ICAO, which can only be achieved through close public-private partnerships and considerable scientific-technological efforts.

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