Cyclical inspection plan

    A Cycling Inspection Plan has been designed for each airport manager and platform management service provider (SDP).

    This Cyclic Plan ensures that all implementing provisions are inspected in several inspections over the duration of the cycle.

    In addition to scheduled inspections, EASA may carry out unplanned regulatory control inspections due to occurrences.

    This plan envisages:

    • Annual inspections for airports of more than 10 million passengers.
    • Biennial inspections for all other certified airports
    • Inspections of SDP suppliers

    Inspection typologies included in the cyclical plan:

    • Track Safety (RS)
    • Wildlife Control (FAU)
    • Adverse weather conditions (CMA)
    • Obstacle-limiting surfaces (SLO)
    • Power plant and visual aids (EC)
    • Rescue and fire-fighting service (SEI)
    • Emergency Plan (EPA)
    • Works
    • Dangerous Goods (MMP)
    • Platform Management (GP)
    • Platform Management Service (SDP)
    • Fuels (COMB)

    The inspection map shows the development of the various inspections carried out at airports.

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