Inspection phases

    The regulatory control inspection process ends with the issuance of the inspection report. From that moment on, and if the report has found non-conformities and/or observations that require remediation by the inspected party, the Corrector Action Plan (PAC) agreement process begins.

    This process of CAP agreement begins with the PAC proposal (PPAC) by the inspected party, which must contain both corrective measures to correct the effect and corrective measures to correct the cause of non-compliance or observation, and is concluded with the issuance of the definitive CAP. For the preparation of this proposal, EASA has developed in the form of guidelines, guidelines and recommendations to guide stakeholders in this regard.

    Once the final CAP has been consolidated, the process of monitoring the correction is initiated. To this end, the inspected party must reliably inform EASA of the implementation of each of the corrective/corrective actions set out in the CAP. This process ends with the issuance by EASA of the closure of the remediation phase.

    All this process is carried out through the AESA inspection processr.

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