Operational Safety Action Plan PASO

    The Agency, in collaboration with suppliers and other public bodies, has drawn up, as set out in Article 25.2 of Royal Decree 995/2013 of 13 December 2013, the Operational Safety Action Plan (PASO) in order to achieve the operational safety objectives set out in the Programme. 

    The current edition of the 2021-2025 Safety Action Plan was adopted by Resolution of the Director of the Agency on 17 July 2023.

    Safety objectives are twofold in nature: on the one hand, they reinforce the safety management based on the verification of compliance with regulatory provisions, through inspections and audits (compliance), and on the other, complement it by monitoring and evaluating safety performance. 

    This approach to safety management is aimed at identifying the areas of safety that are of most concern or need to be addressed following an analysis of available safety data and information. The STEP identifies a series of activities or actions, to control or mitigate the risks associated with the state areas identified as priorities.

    Operational Security Action Plan 2021-2025

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