What is DORA?

    On 27 January 2017, the Council of Ministers approved the Airport Regulation Document (DORA), which sets out the conditions to be met by airports on the Aena network for the period 2017-2021.

    The Airport Regulation Document (DORA) establishes the minimum conditions necessary to ensure the accessibility, sufficiency and suitability of airport infrastructures and the adequate provision of the basic services of the airport network of Aena, S.A., which will bind the operator in five-year periods.

    The DORA lays down the conditions to be attached to Aena in the following areas:

    • Capacity of its Infrastructures.
    • Airport Investments.
    • Quality and conditions for the provision of basic airport services.
    • Fixing the path of variation of the maximum annual revenues per passenger allowed to the operator, ensuring economic sufficiency in the provision of the service and a continuous improvement in the competitiveness of airport tariffs.

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