AVSAF Training Providers

    The AVSAF (Aviation Safety) project is a joint and coordinated initiative of airport managers, companies operating at airports and AESA to improve and make operational safety training at airports more accessible, in a standardised way and covering the requirements imposed by current European regulations.

    The project has been articulated by working groups that have finally defined minimum training contents that are given by the AVSAF Training Organisations (OFA).

    The AVSAF training establishes three courses of different scope, with their corresponding examinations, which will allow the obtaining of the different qualifications: pedestrians, drivers and instructors. These are personal and valid at all airports that have adhered to the AVSAF model.

    In addition to AVSAF courses, it is essential to pass an exam conducted by AESA centrally by accessing a web platform that uses a national question base.

    Below you can consult all the project documentation

    AVSAF project explanatory triptych


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