Frequently asked questions

How to prove the dissemination or communication of information to those involved?

    Any evidence of dissemination or communication of information must be accompanied by an acknowledgement of receipt, confirming that the recipient of the information has read it.

    Corrective actions involving communication or dissemination of information to those involved are not considered to have been implemented without the relevant reading confirmation.

How to unsubscribe a user who is no longer part of the organisation and who has access to the files?

    In the event of a representative leaving an organisation or losing his/her representative’s capacity to represent, and is also associated with files of the organisation, it is necessary to notify as soon as possible of this situation via email so that we withdraw access to the files to this representative.

How to deliver documentation through the Electronic Headquarters?

    Through the telematic processor that is the application of EASA for the management by the inspected of the inspection documentation.

    Please note that you will need to provide the documentation in the appropriate file, otherwise the reply may be delayed.

How to express dissatisfaction with the corrective actions proposed by EASA?

    Following the evaluation of the proposed corrective action plan (PPAC), we evaluated these actions, implementation dates and managers and issued a corrective action plan assessment report (IVPPAC) accepting, modifying or adding actions, dates or responsible actions.

    The inspected person may rely on each of these EASA proposals to modify the measure, responsible or date of implementation.

How to sign the application and responsible statement?

    It must be signed in such a way as to demonstrate the authenticity, integrity and unalterability of the document.

    The telematics procedure authorised at the electronic site allows these documents to be signed at the same time as they are submitted, which is why it is essential that the person presenting the documentation at headquarters, be it the interested party himself or a valid representative of the interested party. 

    Additionally, you can verify that a digital signature is correct, or sign a document, using the Valide platform.

How can I sign up on the platform?

    The first time the telematics processor is accessed with a valid digital certificate, the system collects the necessary information and indicates some additional data for communications between AESA and the data subject. It is essential to indicate an e-mail address at this time in order to be able to receive notices of availability of new documents in an electronic site.

How can the representation be accredited?

    They can submit a digitised copy of any valid document in law (e.g. notary writings).

    We recommend the use of the Apodera tool, since it allows for seizures in a very simple way, you must take special care to correctly indicate the authorised person (interested, company that will obtain the authorisation) and the authorised representative, as well as to grant power in the appropriate procedures.

    Remember that the duration of the power does not in any way affect the duration of the authorisation.

How can I be informed of upcoming forum and working group calls?

    To request it to is sufficient, indicating a means of contact (preferably email). We will consider this information for future calls.

How do I respond to a remediation request?

    If you have received a request and already have the required documentation, you must access the AESA website again, and click on the link “My Applications”, search for the corresponding application and provide the required documents.

    If you fail to follow these steps, you may mistakenly create a new application or assign the documentation to the incorrect file, which may delay the termination of the authorisation.

How to view outdated or rejected notifications?