AESA digitises the maintenance information system for Part ML aircraft

Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Madrid, 02 August 2023 (AESA)

The State Aviation Safety Agency implements an online information system for aircraft maintenance programmes under Part ML, of Regulation (EU) 1321/2014. This new process replaces the old 40 format, which required the download of the form.

Now, through our Electronic Headquarters, you can inform the Agency of the declaration or approval of the maintenance program of an aircraft digitally through Form F40, both digitally and without it.

The option with a digital certificate allows you to complete the web form, sign it digitally and present it automatically in AESA.

The option without a certificate allows you to fill in the web declaration form of format 40 and print it for subsequent presentation in the Register in person.

This new route facilitates communication and procedure between EASA and interested persons, and shows the commitment of the Agency, as a public company, to continue making progress in the digitalisation of its services.