Flight simulators (FSTDs) are synthetic devices used for training aircraft and helicopter flight crews.

    The development of technology over the years has allowed the development of flight simulators increasingly representative and faithful to the reality of the aircraft they simulate. This progress has meant that their use has been extended in the instruction and verification of proficiency of flight crew members. The complexity, cost and operational environment of aircraft has now resulted in a massive use of advanced simulation for the training of many flight operations tasks and manoeuvres that could hardly be performed on the actual aircraft without posing a threat to the safety of the operation. Additionally, simulator training allows the achievement of more intense training than is achieved with actual training on an aircraft and all this in a safer, cheaper and more convenient learning environment in the current air transport environment.

    For this reason, it is necessary to rate and monitor the continued functioning of the organisations operating flight simulators in order to verify by the authorities that the appropriate standards for training are maintained.

    Simulators to be used for the training of flight personnel shall have an existing FSTD qualification certificate issued by the competent authority.

    For any questions or clarifications about the program, please contact:

    Mailbox of the Operational Engineering Service


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