Training of pilots UAS/drones in ‘specific’ category upon request of operational authorisation

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    This section is intended for pilots who wish to carry out operations in a ‘specific’ category upon application for an operational authorisation. For these remote pilots, theoretical and practical training is required based on the concept of the operation (‘ConOps’) requested. 

    The training that is necessary will be determined within the context of the application for operational authorisation, being necessary in any case to have the self-training in practical skills of subcategory A2, for which it is necessary to be in possession of the pass test of online training A1/A3

    Guidance material for “training pilots in ‘specific’ category under authorisation” has been developed, located in the UAS/drone Operations web section - Specific Category in the Operational Authorisation section, which details to the UAS operator how to demonstrate the justification of the compliance of remote pilot training, together with the subjects of theoretical knowledge and practical skills training, recurrent training and registrations, as well as requirements of instructors and examiners

    For more information on the detailed training scheme for ‘specific’ category see these links:

    Training Scheme Authorisation Ed.03

    To contact AESA regarding the ‘specific’ category training, an email has been enabled for pilots:

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