RVSM European Restriction List is implemented in Spain for aircraft identified without approval

Thursday, October 19, 2023


Madrid, 19 October 2023 (ESA)

Since 2 October 2023, a process called RVSM European Restriction List (ERL) has been implemented in Spain and other European States, whereby the RVSM flight plan (FL290 – FL410) can be rejected under certain circumstances. 

Reduced Vertical Separation (RVSM) can be defined as a reduction in vertical separation between 1,000-foot flight levels FL 290 and FL 410 inclusive.

This is a safety measure to prevent operators/aircraft from entering RVSM airspace without having the appropriate approval, with the risk that this entails. This process is transparent for all operators who plan correctly according to their approvals.

If you are capable of operating in RVSM airspace, we recommend that you consult all the information here.