Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to operate an amateur construction aircraft?

    The specific rule on construction by amateurs is the Order of 31 May 1982 and that is where the specific requirements for this type of aircraft are laid down.

    In addition, the Air Traffic Regulation approved by Royal Decree 57/2002 establishes in its seventh section, second book, requirements for general aviation aircraft: For all aeroplanes operating controlled VFR flights in the en-route phase.

    All aeroplanes operating controlled VFR flights in the en route phase shall carry the following equipment:

    1. a magnetic compass;
    2. a stopwatch;
    3. a precision baroaltimemeter;
    4. a speed indicator; y
    5. such other instruments or equipment as may be prescribed by the competent authority.

    Since these aircraft are not limited to not being able to fly in controlled airspace, they would be subject to this equipment.