Maintenance RPAS

    IMPORTANT: This section applies only to remotely piloted aircraft operators (RPAS) performing “non-EASA activities or services”.

    The operator is responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the airworthiness of the RPAS.

    RPAS operators carrying out specialised air operations or experimental flights shall establish a maintenance programme in accordance with Appendix H on Acceptable Means of Compliance relating to the maintenance programme. This programme shall be carried out on the basis of the Maintenance Manual provided by the RPAS manufacturer and which shall contain at least the information indicated in Appendix Ñ on Acceptable Means of Compliance relating to the Maintenance Manual.

    For the purposes of proper maintenance, the operator must have a data recording system in accordance with Article 16(2) of Royal Decree 1036/2017, developed in Appendix Q on Acceptable Means of Compliance relating to maintenance records.

    The appendices cited are available in the Acceptable means of compliance section and guide material on the EASA website.

    RPAS may be maintained by:

    • The manufacturer of the RPAS.
    • For RPAS up to 150 kg maximum take-off mass (MTOM) by the operator if it has received appropriate training from the manufacturer.
    • In the case of RPAs of less than 2 kg MTOM, by the operator following only the manufacturer’s instructions.

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