Energy Savings Measures and Habits adopted at AESA

Friday, August 12, 2022


Madrid, 11 August 2022 (AESA)

The State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) adheres to the measures applied in the field of energy efficiency approved in Royal Decree-Law 14/2022, of 1 August, on economic sustainability measures in the field of transport, in terms of grants and study aids, as well as measures of savings, energy efficiency and reduction of energy dependence on natural gas. 

The aforementioned Royal Decree-Law includes, among other issues of draft, a shock plan for saving and energy efficiency in air conditioning to immediately reduce energy consumption in administrative, commercial and public buildings. 
The specific measures relate to the following aspects:

  • Heating and cooling temperatures shall be limited to a maximum of 19 and a minimum of 27 degrees Celsius respectively.
  • At the end of the day you must proceed to the shutdown of computers, printers and other computer equipment.
  • The use of public transport and bicycles is recommended in favour of more sustainable mobility. You can make use of the bicycle parking enabled in the garage of the building. 
  • Turning off interior lights in each office or room when they are not in use, even if they are short periods. In the same way it is recommended to make the most of natural light. 
  • The lighting of public buildings will remain off from 22.00 hours. 
  • Centralised automatic air conditioning in the building. Windows should remain closed when the air conditioning is in place

You can find out more about how AESA has implemented these measures here