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Air Navigation

Regulation of ATS provision, obligations of civil ATS providers and certain working conditions for ATCOs

  • Law 21/2003, of 7 July, that regulate the technical investigation of civil aviation accidents and incidents and establish the legal system for aeronautical inspection, the obligations related to air safety and the system of offences and penalties in civil aviation matters
  • Law 9/2010, of April 14th, that regulates the provision of air traffic services, establishes the obligations of the civil providers of such services and lays down certain working conditions for the civil air traffic controllers.

Modernization of airport management and issues related

Certification of ANSPs

Regulation of AFIS provision

Certification of ATCOs Training Providers

Safety rules in relation to ATC activity and rest requirements for civil ATCOs

Modification of authorization and certification requirements for aerodromes

  • Royal Decree 1189/2011, of August 19th, regulating the procedure for issuing reports previous to the planning of aeronautical infrastructures and to the construction, modification and opening of aerodromes of competence of the Self Governing Communities; amending the Royal Decree 862/2009, of May 14th, approving technical standards for design and operation of public use aerodromes and regulates the certification of State competence airports; amending the Royal Decree 584/1972, of February 24th of aeronautical easements (aerodrome protection); and amending the Royal Decree 2591/1998, of December 4th regulating Master Plans and services areas of airports of general interest, as provided by article 166 of Law 13/1996 on December 30th of fiscal, administrative and social order measures.

Apron Management Service