Frequently asked questions

The expiration of the Provisional Registration of my aircraft is close and I still do not have the legal document registered in the Register of Furniture of Madrid. Is it possible that this period be extended?

    Yes, it is possible to issue an extension of 45 days to the validity of the Provisional Registration at the request of the party, that is, it will be done at the request of the interested party. In the following link you can download the MOD 3 extension request



We've sold an aircraft in another country. My question is whether to deregister the plane is enough with the sales bill, or it is necessary to legitimise the signatures.

    For the RMAC it will be sufficient to provide a Sales Declaration (we can provide the model of the same) where only the notary recognition of the signature of the Spanish holder of the aircraft is required. I confirm that the Invoice is not a sufficient document.

I would like to know what documentation I have to provide for the change of ownership of an aircraft and whether it can be sent by registered mail.

    You can download the MOD4, which contains the list of documents to be attached to that request. It can be sent by post to the address of AESA, only if the person concerned is a natural person and does not have an electronic certificate. If it is a legal person, you are obliged to communicate with the Administration telematically at this link


What is the procedure for requesting an aircraft’s Simple Information Note and the corresponding payment of the fee? And if it’s better to apply for a Certification of Ownership and Charges, because I don't know what the difference is.

    A simple note is a certified copy of the aircraft’s registration seats. A certificate of ownership and charges is limited to exposing to whom the aircraft currently belongs and if it is subject to charges such as liens or mortgages. You can find more information on how to apply at this link. 
    As regards the payment of the fee, the fee to be taken into account is the 19th and you have the information on it here.

What is the procedure for obtaining provisional registration for aircraft? Can it be managed through the Electronic Headquarters? What is the deadline for the procedure?

    You can download the MOD2, which shows the list of documents that must be attached to this request, in this link

Have I been confused by paying the fee, what do I have to do?

    If you have made a payment for a lower amount to which you are entitled, you can make a supplementary payment via this link, select the corresponding fare, update and once located, tick “Payment of additional amounts” indicating the number of the proof of the first payment as well as the difference to be paid.

Could you give me an account number where I can make the deposit for an application?

    Payments for any request are made through the Electronic Headquarters of the AESA website, through this link. Once the corresponding form has been completed, you can make the payment of the fee through the payment gateway of the Tax Agency and when you complete the form, using the drop-down, the fee corresponding to its processing. 

Can I make a payment from abroad?

    Persons or entities not resident in Spanish territory who have to request from the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea the performance of activities or the provision of services within their competence in the field of air navigation, by paying the corresponding fee, may do so by bank transfer to the Agency’s restricted tax collection bank account, in the entity La Caixa and is identified by the code: International Bank Account Code:

    Van ES19 2100 5731 71 0200076413 and Swift Code: CAIXESBBXXX