Frequently asked questions

In relation to obtaining the POA approval to manufacture an article classified as ETSO, is it necessary to have applied for DOA approval, in addition to the ETSO authorisation for the article?

    As can be verified on the relevant EASA website (FAQ ETSO), the ADOA (or the DOA, in the case of an ETSO article that is an APU) and the POA must be, or have been previously requested.
     EASA is responsible for the
    DOA/ADOA and ETSO. The POA is responsible for EASA as the Aviation Authority of Spain. Therefore, the 3 approvals should be requested at the same time (approximately) from the respective Authority.
    Furthermore, in relation to the AOP, it is essential to recall point 21.A.133 (Eligibility):

    • The production activity to be carried out should be “appropriate” for approval under Part 21 Subpart G, as is the case with an ETSO article. In addition, and also essential to meet this criterion, it is direct delivery to final customer.
    • It must be owned or applied for approval of the design to be produced (which would be fulfilled when the DOA/ADOA application was made).
Where can I obtain information about this for obtaining an approval as a Production Organisation (POA)?
Can an AESA-approved POA have facilities in another country under the same POA approval?

    Oh, yeah, yeah. The opening of new facilities would be subject to the same approval as the Spanish POA. Only EASA would be required to intervene in this case. It would be a significant change through the addition of a new factory, in which it would be necessary to revisit all the points of the standard, especially those relating to the quality system, as well as to see how this new factory is integrated into the Organisation ' s activity in order to verify its suitability. In view of the payment of fees, it would be necessary to repay the normal fee for opening a new file, as would be done with a view to obtaining the initial POA approval.

What is a POA?

    Approval of Production Organisation as described in Part 21 Subpart G of Annex I to Regulation (EU) 748/2012. Applicable for those production activities falling within the scope of work of EASA, as set out in Article 2 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139.

What kind of Organisation have to be approved as Production Organisations (POAs)?

    Civil aviation production organisations, which intend to produce products, parts and equipment accompanied by the certificate of release to service EASA Form 1. The production of these products, parts and equipment is to be appropriate under approval Part 21 Subpart G, as set out in regulatory point 21.A.133 of Part 21 Subpart G of Annex I to Regulation (EU) 748/2012. Only for direct delivery to final customer (e.g. air operator, maintenance workshop, etc.).