Frequently asked questions

Can I perform the flight test with an examiner from another EASA Aeronautical Authority?

    It may be done with a valid EASA examiner with privileges in force in your certificate for the type of license or rating test to be performed and provided that you apply the procedure set out in the Examiner Differences Document(ref. Spain)


In order to conduct flight tests with an examiner from another Authority, is any prior authorisation always required?

    For the purpose of prior flight testing authorisation and notification shall be subject to the provisions of the document for examiners of other EASA authorities

    Examiner Differences Document. In the case of tests requiring prior authorisation, the examiner shall submit his/her application to EASA prior to the flight test. The authorisation of flight tests which so require shall be reflected in a letter of authorisation expressly issued to the examiner.

Do I have a Spanish FCL license, can the flight tests be completed in formats of another EASA Aeronautical Authority?

    For licences, ratings and PART FCL certificates issued by the Spanish Aeronautical Authority AESA shall use the flight test completion formats published by this Authority