Frequently asked questions

In relation to obtaining the POA approval to manufacture an article classified as ETSO, is it necessary to have applied for DOA approval, in addition to the ETSO authorisation for the article?

    As can be verified on the relevant EASA website (FAQ ETSO), the ADOA (or the DOA, in the case of an ETSO article that is an APU) and the POA must be, or have been previously requested.
     EASA is responsible for the
    DOA/ADOA and ETSO. The POA is responsible for EASA as the Aviation Authority of Spain. Therefore, the 3 approvals should be requested at the same time (approximately) from the respective Authority.
    Furthermore, in relation to the AOP, it is essential to recall point 21.A.133 (Eligibility):

    • The production activity to be carried out should be “appropriate” for approval under Part 21 Subpart G, as is the case with an ETSO article. In addition, and also essential to meet this criterion, it is direct delivery to final customer.
    • It must be owned or applied for approval of the design to be produced (which would be fulfilled when the DOA/ADOA application was made).
I am interested in acquiring a ULM model that is not this type certificate in Spain, what do I have to do?

    The first step should be to obtain the certification in Spain of your exact ULM model. This certification process must be carried out by the manufacturer. Once the ULM type certification has been obtained in Spain, the enrollment process will be possible.

    Procedural information and form can be obtained on the AESA website

We are manufacturers of ULM in a country of the European Union, can the type certificate obtained in that country be validated in Spain?
How can I notify AESA that I have renewed the Airworthiness Certificate through the F-DC-AFIS-20 declarative format?

    If you do not have a digital certificateor Cl@ve , it can also be sent by registered post or through the other formal channels of the Administration to the following address: Paseo de la Castellana 112. 28046 Madrid, addressed to the Initial Air Navigation Division.


What is the applicable fee for obtaining a Design Organisation Approval by EASA (DOA NOT EASA)?

    Tariff 15 of the current charges for the provision of services and activities in the field of air navigation.


What is the applicable fee for obtaining an Approval of Production Organisation (POA) by AESA?

    Tarifa 16ª de la Tasas vigentes por prestación de servicios y realización de actividades en materia de navegación aérea.


Where can I obtain information about this for obtaining an approval as a Production Organisation (POA)?
Where can I get information about this for obtaining a DOA?
Should GPS equipment be named in the Aircraft Station License?

    GPS equipment must not appear on the station license.

Should WIFI equipment be named in the Aircraft Station License?

    WIFI equipment must not appear on the station license.