Frequently asked questions

My company wants to become an AVSAF Training Organisation, where do I have to deliver the requested documentation?
If the AVSAF instructor course has been approved, is the instructor examination necessary?

    If the examination is necessary, the AVSAF instructor course has been validated or not.

If I have the AVSAF instructor certificate, can I give AVSAF training on my own?

    AVSAF instructors will have to be attached to an AVSAF Training Organisation (OFA) in order to be able to practice as such.

    They may act autonomously only if they meet all the requirements necessary to become an AVSAF Training Organisation (OFA).


What is the responsibility of the instructor?

    The instructor must teach and tutor the courses assigned to him within the OFA and sign the diplomas of completion of the courses for his students. For further information please refer to the document “Definition of the AVSAF Safety Training Model”



What are the requirements to become an AVSAF Training Organisation?
How many calls do I have to pass the exam?

    Two calls for examination are available. If the “APTO” grade is not obtained, the student must take the AVSAF course again.


How many AVSAF courses are there?

    There are three types of AVSAF courses; for pedestrians, drivers and instructors.

Should I hire instructors before I receive the notification of registration as an AVSAF Training Organisation?
Where can I find information about the AVSAF project?

    On the AESA website you can find all the documentation related to the AVSAF project


Where is the AVSAF instructor course taught?

    The AVSAF instructor course is taught in telematics mode. Calls for such training will be published shortly.