Frequently asked questions

EPDE How do I know that binomies are currently certified to perform cargo inspection work using Explosive Detector Dog Equipment?

    There is a list on the AESA website specifying the data of the binomies that can currently perform the air cargo inspection work with their contact details and the company to which they belong.

    Explosives Detection Dog Equipment (EPDE)

EPDE How and where can an entity obtain information on the conditions of the certification process?

    The State Aviation Safety Agency (ESA) may only submit the documentation relating to the certification and the explosives to be evaluated to:

    • Security companies: By verifying that it is authorised as such by the Mystery of the Interior, in addition, when the person who collects the documentation is not the manager of the company, he must bring an authorisation from the company in order to be able to withdraw it.
    • Training centres accredited by the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, the person in charge of collecting the documentation, if he is not the director of the Training Centre, must be authorised to withdraw the information from EASA.
    • Training centres outsourced by training centres accredited by the Ministry of the Interior. On presentation of a certificate proving this and by subsequent verification of the documentation of the training centre.

    AESA will only deliver documentation on the certification process to its offices, located in Paseo de la Castellana 112. 28046 (Madrid, Spain). To do this, a prior appointment must be made through the mailbox

    The documentation will be delivered after the signature of a confidentiality commitment.

EPDE How much does the certification process cost?

    The certification process is free of charge. However, the State Aviation Safety Agency offers a series of theoretical and practical courses, which are not mandatory, which would have to be paid by the interested parties.

EPDE When will the following certification take place and how can I find out about it?

    AESA shall carry out between two and three annual certifications, depending on the availability of the State Security Forces and Corps, the facilities, the needs of the market, and the approved binomies, among other causes.

    The publication of a new certification will be announced on the EASA website about one and a half months before the start of the certification in order to be able to collect and evaluate the documentation provided by the candidates for the tests.

    The web address where everything related to certification is collected is as follows: Explosives Detection Dog Equipment (EPDE)


EPDE Where are the certification tests performed?

    In Madrid.

EPDE Which area of air transport can inspect currently certified Dog Equipment?

    Currently AESA-certified dog teams can only inspect air cargo.

EPDE What requirements are required to be able to apply for certification of Explosive Detectors Dog Equipment?

    The requirements to be submitted are specified in each call. The information will be published on the EASA website about one and a half months before the evaluation tests.

EPDE What kind of training courses does AESA offer?

    The State Aviation Safety Agency may, provided there are a minimum number of attendees, carry out theoretical and practical training courses which are not of a mandatory nature.

    Preparation course for the theoretical exam:

    • It will cover the following agenda:
      • Documentation and operation in the logistics chain of air cargo provided by AESA instructors. (with the hours of this course is sufficient to meet point 3 of the programme included in section 1.2 of this call)
      • Preparation for certification. Review of Regulation (EU) No 573/2010 and Commission Decision C (2010) 3572
      • Basic training in explosives.
    • The duration of the course would be 6 hours, provided there is a minimum number of attendees.
    • The price of the 6 hour theoretical course is EUR 384


    • AESA would carry out a practice of about 3 hours, provided that there is a minimum number of attendees, next to the certification facilities.
    • The material to practice will be put by the aspirants (cans, boxes, etc.) and the price of the practical classes of 3 hours is EUR 192
EPDE What is the validity of the certification?

    The certification has an annual validity, which means that, every year, teams have to be re-evaluated.

EPDE Can you introduce people who are not currently working with a private security company?

    Yes. Individuals who are not working in a private security company may be present, however they have to meet two conditions:

    • Be private security guards
    • Meet the requirements of the call

    If they approve the certification, they must belong to a private security company accredited by the Ministry of the Interior in order to carry out their duties.