ATM / Cyber Security

    Air Traffic Management (ATM) safety from acts of unlawful interference is an essential requirement for protection by air navigation service providers under Regulation (EU) 1035/2011 and the National Civil Aviation Safety Programme.
    This section provides:

    • Security oversight of air navigation service providers.
    • Analysis of protection management manuals and associated procedures in relation to new certifications, extension of services and renewals.
    • Activities to support the Air Navigation Directorate in the designation and implementation of ATS, CNS, AIS units, and the creation of a centralised risk analysis management system to harmonise the criticality and vulnerability indicators of the air navigation facilities of the different service providers.
    • Planning, monitoring and control of regulatory control inspections of air navigation service providers.
    • Review and update of planning criteria in line with changes in designation in the provision of services.
    • Harmonisation of inspection criteria, drafting of guidance material according to acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and revision of checklists.


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