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    Spanish air carriers

    Any organisation whose principal place of business is located in Spanish territory and wishes to carry out commercial air transport operations (passengers, goods or mail) with aeroplanes or helicopters for remuneration or any other type of economic consideration, must comply with a number of legal requirements established by EASA through Regulation 965/2012, its associated regulations, as well as with applicable national regulations depending on the scope and specifications of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to which it is aspired.

    The AOC is the approval issued by the Aircraft Safety Directorate (DSA) of AESA that allows the company to operate aircraft in safe conditions for the aeronautical activities specified in the scope of the AOC granted and accredits that the organisation has professional capacity and the necessary means. Approval is granted for an indefinite period of time and is subject to continuous supervision.

    In the case of panoramic flights, on which take off and land from the same airport, the rule grants some relief as regards the requirements for the grant of an AOC. However, the procedure for applying for and approving AOC for this type of operation is the same as for the rest.

    Throughout this website we describe the procedures, regulations and guidance material that AESA has established to respond to each initial request and modification of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) of aircraft and helicopter, as well as for the approval and notification of changes within the scope of the AOC approval.

    In the following Electronic Headquarters Access you can download the necessary forms for the application for a new AOC, amendment of AOC approval, request for approval of changes (procedures and trainings) and notification of changes that do not require approval.

    Access to Electronic Headquarters

    List of Air Operator Certificates (AOC)


    For inquiries concerning the operations of commercial air transport operators, please contact the mailbox

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