Flights With UAS/Drones (Zonification)

    Remember that to perform flights or operations with drones you must be registered and have a UAS operator number (UAS Operator Registration section).

    In addition to the general rules of operation of drones depending on the operational category (UAS/dron operations),depending on the place of operation or the type of activity to be carried out, the operator may be subject to compliance with other requirements or may find the flight limited or prohibited.

    Depending on the nature of the intended operation, they shall apply the following conditions of use of airspace which, by their content, establish requirements associated with geographical areas of UAS:

    • Professional activities must respect the conditions of use of airspace and equipment requirements set out in Royal Decree 1036/2017 and Chapter XI of Royal Decree 1180/2018.
    • Sporting, recreational, competition and exhibition activities, as well as recreational activities specific to toy aircraft, must comply with the conditions of use of the airspace set out in the first, second and third additional provisions of Royal Decree 1036/2017. The ban on flights in controlled airspace and prohibited and restricted areas is highlighted, subject to exceptions.
    • The professional activities NO EASA (LCI, SAR, police, customs...) must comply with the requirements of Royal Decree 1036/2017 and Chapter XI of Royal Decree 1180/2018.

    The following guide provides detailed information on flight requirements and limitations at certain locations such as controlled airspace, agglomerations of buildings, prohibited and restricted areas, etc.:

    In the application of ENAIRE drones you can consult the areas where there are prohibitions or restrictions on the flight of drones, as well as dangerous zones and other alerts:

    • ENAIRE drones app (also available on Google Play for Android devices and soon in Apple Store)

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