Qualification as a professional RPAS operator

    IMPORTANT: This section applies only to operators of remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) performing “non-EASA activities or services” and are not excluded by Article 3 of Royal Decree 1036/2017.


Prior Communication Enabling

Authorisation by authorisation

Standard scenarios for “non-EASA activities or services” based on Royal Decree 1036/2017

Guide material for operator rating

    Detailed information on compliance with regulatory requirements and preparation of the technical documentation required of RPAS operators is available in the section “Acceptable means of compliance and RPAS guidance material”.

    In addition, the following presentation is published as an aid to provide information and tools to RPAS operators in the processes of enabling operators, mainly under the authorisation scheme:

    Contact AESA’s UAS Division:
    In case of doubt or special situations, you can direct your inquiry to the drone mailbox(drones.aesa@seguridadaerea.es ) or from 10:00 to 13:00 at 91 396 84 50.

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