Community legislation on the rights of persons with reduced mobility (PRM)

    The rights of Persons with Reduced Mobility are set out in European Regulation (EC) 1107/2006 , of July 2006, which ensures that persons with disabilities or reduced mobility have the same opportunities as the other citizens to travel, and to do so, assistance should be provided to them, both at airports and on board aircraft, to meet the particular needs of each of them.

    The provisions of the Regulation apply to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility who use or intend to use commercial flights departing from, arriving at or transiting airports located in the territory of the European Union. There is also an obligation to provide boarding and assistance to passengers with reduced mobility departing from an airport located in a third country and with destination at an airport located in the European Union, if the airline is a Community one.

    Click here to access the procedure to file a complaint with AESA due to an incident covered by Regulation 1107/2006.



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