Unruly Passengers

    At the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA), safety on board, both passengers and crew, is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we must make society aware of the importance of avoiding inappropriate behaviors during flight, such as excessive drinking, violent attitudes, mounting a scandal, smoking, not obeying the instructions of the crew, taking off the belt or getting up in critical phase, among others.

    These events pose a threat to the safety of your flight, and may result in economic sanctions, according to Article 41 of Law 21/2023, of 7 July, on Air Safety (LSA).

    As regards the amount of those penalties, as provided for in Article 55 of the LSA:

    Infringements provided for in Chapter I of this Title shall be penalised as follows:

    minor infringements with warning or fine of 60 up to EUR 45,000.

    In recent years, there has been a significant increase in complaints filed against passengers for incidents resulting from inappropriate or conflicting behaviour during commercial flights. Such incidents pose not only delays, operational disruptions or significant costs to airlines, but also a serious threat to the safety of operations.

    All players in the air sector, and society as a whole, must address the problems posed by undisciplined passengers, both on the ground and during flight. It is the responsibility of each individual to respect the rules and follow the instructions of the crew, thus contributing to create a calm and safe environment for all passengers.

    Don't put your journey at risk!


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